Family Fun

Pumpkins + Family

Pumpkins & family are two of my favorite things. It’s no secret that I love everything pumpkin. I’m so basic. I love the way they look, smell, taste… especially pumpkin pie. And pumpkin lattes. I’ve eaten pumpkin ravioli and those are pretty darn good too.

Now that we have Beckham, I am planning several festive holiday events that will carry on as a tradition. We invited our family over to carve and paint pumpkins a few weeks ago, and we had a blast! This marks the first annual pumpkin carving/painting event at the Le house! We made pot roast and picked up pumpkin pie & a variety of sliced loaf breads (yes, there was pumpkin bread!) from Sam’s, and in proper fashion, the Le clan brought a ton of other goodies!

The kiddos all had a great time. My best friend, Silvia (who is more like a sister), came over with her family. Her little girl, Olive, painted the pumpkin that ended up being my favorite. Who knew a 2-year old could have such talent? 😉 One of our nieces, Indie, carved her very first pumpkin! She ended up carving a design on both sides, so I’d say she enjoyed it. Robert’s youngest nieces, Kara and Jada, are really into arts & crafts, so I knew they would have fun. Kara, our little babysitter-in-the-making, is mostly interested in being close to Beckham when she comes over. He really loves her! Our nephew, Alex, was really focusing hard on his pumpkin. His pumpkin was supposed to look like his older brother, Cameron, who is currently living in Spain. He even gave his pumpkin the coolest comb-over ever. Our great-niece, Lilly, told her dad on the way home, “it was a goooooood day!” It was a good day for us too, Lilly Bee!




Beckham even got to paint his first pumpkin! We had to cut his pumpkin decorating time short as he was more interested in eating the paint than painting (ahem, smearing) his little pumpkin. It may have lasted all of 3 minutes, but hey- we got some cute pictures.


Thank you to our family for coming to make these memories with us– we had such a great time and can’t wait to do it again next year! Next up: gingerbread house decorating!


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