Year(s) in Review

12 Months

My sweet Beckham Cam– HOW, just HOW are you already one year old?! I remember bringing you home just like yesterday. When we came home as a family of three for the very first time, we very carefully took you out of your carseat, brought you into your nursery and started rocking you. Your daddy and I looked at each other and said, “okay, so what do we do now?” We thought we were so clueless, but everything has come (somewhat) naturally ever since.


Looking back on all of your pictures just amazes me at how fast you are growing. You are the sweetest, most playful, most loved, most rotten little babe, and I love watching you grow and learn new things! Although this year has truly flown by, it feels like you have been ours forever.




(0-6 Months)

6 to 7 Months 

This is the month you just blatantly refused every.single.nap I tried to lay you down for, and were up consistently through the night demanding snuggles (after being such a good night sleeper!). Good thing you’re cute! We took you swimming for the very first time, which lasted about all of 4 minutes because the water was a little cooler than we expected and you weren’t all that amused. Next year, bud!







7 to 8 Months 

We have been co-sleeping with the DockATot, but this month you were kicked out of our bed and into the pack’N’play since you are becoming more and more mobile. You are still in our room, but we are working our way to getting you into your nursery at night. Daddy still sneaks you back into the bed when you cry at night, but for the most part the transition has been fairly smooth. You are definitely MUCH more mobile this month– you started crawling right at the 8-month mark! You started eating toddler snacks, and cannot get enough! We usually play Little Baby Bum (nursery rhymes) on TV while you play– you are now showing more of an interest in watching the characters dance instead of just listening. We took you to the aquarium for the first time, and although you loved looking at the fish, you were more interested in napping. Great Grandma and Grandpa are quickly becoming your favorite people- you practically jump out of my arms at the sight of Great Grandma. I love how much you love her.


8 to 9 Months 

You started started pulling up to a standing position on your own this month, and ever since you reached this milestone, you don’t stop! You are now able to walk alongside the furniture, reaching for anything and everything you can get your hands on. This month we decorated pumpkins with the family, went to Boo At The Zoo  (you were not impressed by any of the animals but really enjoyed people watching just like daddy), started waving “hello,” celebrated your first Halloween, went to the park for the first time, started holding the bottle on your own, tried a lime for the first time (you were not a fan at first but kept reaching for more), and transitioned to naps in your own crib (!!!). We started table food this month and ditched the baby bath tub!






9 to 10 Months 

This month, we learned that you LOVE pickles, are a bit shy (especially towards women), and get jealous when mama and daddy hold other babies. You recognize more and more words every day– you turn on and off the light when we ask, can wave “hello” to your giraffe, you look for the dogs when we say their name, and can find your monkey when we say the word. We went “glamping” with the Le family, celebrated your first Thanksgiving, took some Fall Family photos, and discovered that your love of food is never-ending (hence all of the highchair pictures). You started saying “dada,” although I’m still not sure if you know what that means. You love to play the pick-up game, where you throw everything on the ground and wait for someone to give it back to you. You give the best hugs, love to dance (especially when daddy sings Michael Jackson or White Christmas), and get really upset when we leave you to play on your own. You demand all the attention!




10 to 11 Months

This month was one of my favorites!  You started the month with two teeth coming in and ended with four! Teething made for many sleepless nights this month, but didn’t last for long. You think it’s hilarious when you shake your bottle to let milk spew all over your face, and get really upset when we take it away. We celebrated your first Christmas (read also:: you were spoiled by everyone), started going to classes at Gymboree (a gym for toddlers), took some family Christmas photos, and you got to sit on Great Grandpa’s tractor for the first time! You think he’s the funniest. This month was full of lots of snuggles and family time.






11 to 12 Months 

You took your first steps this month!!! You only walk when it’s your idea, but you’re able to take about 10-15 steps in a row before stumbling to the floor. You went on your first wagon ride and had your first play date with Baby Kurt! You started clapping, and LOVE to dance to your Nursery Rhymes (and any music at all). You started saying “dog” (or “dahhh”) and love to follow our cat, Mallie (aka “Meanie”), around and irritate her until she runs away. You are starting to understand a few signs, like “finished” and “more,” and have started to mimic things other people do. Ex: the other night at dinner, daddy blew on your chicken to cool it off, and you followed suit by blowing on each bite. You have your moments where you do really well playing independently, but most of the time you get upset if someone is not playing with you. You love to be chased and are the most ticklish little babe! You have four teeth and three coming in, and occasionally you will use them to bite our fingers. You laugh at everything when you are really sleepy, which is pretty hilarious. You crawl on E V E R Y T H I N G- the latest is the couch and fireplace. You are so sensitive; you cry when other babies around you cry and your feelings get hurt when we tell you no. You still hate diaper changes, and getting dressed is equivalent to torture to you. You are the most loving little babe, and you are so loved in return.





HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY to our sweet boy! We can’t wait to celebrate you with all of our family and friends this weekend!

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