We Celebrate

Beckham’s D o n u t Party!

I started planning Beckham’s first birthday party when he was 7 months old– I’ve been obsessed with donuts as a theme for quite a while, so it was pretty easy for me to choose a theme. After all, a first birthday party is more for the parents anyway… amiright? I started pinning obsessing on Pinterest back in September, made lists of guests, food, and decor, and hired our favorite family photographer to come and take pictures for the first hour of his party so that we wouldn’t forget a thing!

Y’all, there were SO.MANY.DONUTS!! 108 donuts and 180 donut holes to be exact. Donuts + cake + cupcakes made for a day of sugar overload.




PicMonkey Collage-2

Name Cake Banner




I had so much fun making all of the decorations for the party– from the donut sign and fabric banners to the cupcake holders and party hats. I have always put a lot of effort into birthday parties and showers, and have thought about opening an Etsy shop for a while now. So I finally did!! You can come check out my shop HERE!

There were about 45-60 people that joined us to celebrate our sweet boy, which was so much fun… BUT, Beckham doesn’t do well around large crowds. He was pretty grumpy until it was time for cake… naturally. We realized when everyone was singing “Happy Birthday” to him that he has a thing for the Birthday Song. He started smiling and clapping, and it was basically the cutest thing ever. We should have totally started the day with cake!






And like the photo-diva I am, I made everyone go outside in the f r e e z i n g cold to take a group picture (sorry, guys)! Also, note-to-self: don’t trust Texas weather. We rented a HUGE bounce house with a slide that was only used for 3 minutes because it was WAY too cold.


Thank you so so much to everyone who came out to celebrate (and those who couldn’t because of this crazy flu thing going around), and our tribe who helped us prepare for this sweet little party! We had so much fun celebrating our little love!

Happy Birthday, baby boy!





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