Family Fun

Le Family Glamping | Year Three

Family time is what I live for these days, and our third annual glamping trip with the Le family did not disappoint. This trip is the most highly anticipated trip of the year for Robert and I, and I am already looking forward to the next one!

Photo Nov 15, 4 26 06 PM (1)

Our big boy did surprisingly well on the drive up to Broken Bow, Oklahoma, thanks to the trusty ole’ iPad. It was a peaceful drive, and one we look forward to every year.

We arrived just in time to change into comfy clothes and do absolutely nothing but sit around the campfire with family and enjoy each other’s company. And eat.. a lot.

Photo Nov 16, 4 35 43 AM

Photo Nov 16, 3 46 49 PM

Photo Nov 16, 4 16 41 PM (1).jpgPhoto Nov 16, 2 52 28 PMPhoto Dec 06, 10 49 41 AM

Photo Nov 16, 4 22 48 PM

In true Uncle Tuan fashion, the trip started out with a little toddler-spoiling. He gifted Beckham this blue truck that was a complete win for this boy. He used it the entire weekend to transport rocks, leaves, and sticks. And then… cheese. We can’t forget about the cheese.

Photo Nov 16, 4 11 13 PM (1)

Photo Dec 06, 10 49 20 AM.jpgPhoto Nov 16, 3 58 57 PMCheese1

The night came pretty quickly, and out came the s’mores board.

Photo Nov 15, 6 40 47 PM


Although you see a clearly under-impressed toddler here, Beckham actually enjoyed lighting the marshmallows on fire (a true pyro like his daddy).

Photo Nov 16, 10 13 56 PM (1)

Night one ended with bedtime stories from Cô and squeals from the happiest little cousin in town.

Photo Nov 15, 10 36 53 PM

Photo Nov 15, 10 36 35 PMPhoto Nov 15, 10 36 41 PM

In years past, we spent day two hiking at a local spot. This year we all opted out and settled for down time at the cabin eating, being serenaded by Aunt Suzanne, drinking spiked cocoa and dancing the day away.

Photo Nov 16, 11 50 33 AM

Photo Nov 16, 12 06 28 PM

Photo Nov 16, 12 08 22 PM (1)Photo Nov 16, 2 50 15 PMPhoto Nov 16, 2 40 58 PMPhoto Nov 16, 2 40 41 PM

Photo Nov 17, 9 57 39 AMPhoto Nov 16, 2 28 01 PM

Photo Nov 15, 9 31 13 PMPhoto Nov 16, 1 27 18 AM (1)Photo Nov 16, 2 26 30 PMPhoto Nov 16, 2 01 18 AM

We ended the night with a little Cards Against Humanity, Charades, and dipping our toes in the hot tub. The best end to the best day with the best people.

Photo Nov 16, 7 08 56 PMPhoto Nov 16, 7 44 07 PMPhoto Nov 16, 7 43 37 PM

Sunday morning came faster than we knew it and we were all hustling to make breakfast, pack up the cars to head home, and get some last minute cousin snuggles in.

Photo Nov 17, 9 42 33 AM.jpg

Then, one big group photo later and we were on the road back home.

Le Family Glamping 2017 

457A1337 2

Le Family Glamping 2018 (Almost the complete family + the sweetest friends who are just like family)

Photo Nov 19, 3 55 41 PM

Le Family Glamping 2019 (Part of the Le family had to head home Saturday afternoon as one of our nieces was pretty sick, so we are missing quite a few here.)


You guys, this family is everything. You’ll never find a better support group or a family happier to just be all in the same place TOGETHER. They are an undefeatable army, and I am so grateful to be apart of it all. They are a true testament to the love my sweet mother in law poured into her children and grands. To my Le family: I LOVE YOU!

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